Rhodes Ecotourism

'Respect, Contribute, Improve'



Why we do what we do ...From the initial concept of Rhodes Land Rover Safari, we decided that we wanted our guests to feel like they were experiencing the 'eco-essence' of the island, with a good mix of culture, adventure and holiday fun. We didn't do this for any 'jumping on the bandwagon' reason - other than that it fitted in with our idea of a great excursion and just made sense to us to do it this way.

So, we decided firstly to avoid Archaeological sites in order to preserve the employment of local Greek guides, who study hard and do an amazing job. We also felt we would avoid the well known attractions of Rhodes that dictate an entrance fee as these places are already well serviced by Tour Operators and visitors can arrive via coach travel. 

Prasonisi - the furthest point south, which cannot be accessed as quickly or easily as other highlights. It is a natural wonder and the unique sandbar is more enjoyable with the Land Rover's obvious attributes. 

We also visit mountain villages which rely completely on summer tourist income to provide all year round for their families. Some of the more central resorts on the island have strong ex-Pat communities and attract an element of winter business. Also by our guests enjoying honey, suma and wine tasting, we can ensure these old traditions are kept alive.

We also made it a company policy to not obtain commissions from any place on our itinerary. This means that your spending money goes straight to the owners who can use it for their own needs and to develop their businesses.

For our light picnic lunch, we source local produce. The rest of the itinerary is as natural as we can make it as we drive throughout the mountains and countryside encapsulating the spirit of the island.

As our hosts spent most of their time on and around the island, they keep completely up to date with information to pass onto our guests helping to raise awareness of the different culture and traditions.

If we discover an environment challenge we communicate with the appropriate authorities in order to ensure that they are aware of the situation and can advise us of the most appropriate action. For example when found evidence of Turtle nesting on Appollakia Bay we made sure we were professionally advised to ensure we did not infringe on this conservation area.

We feel we play a positive, responsible role in Rhodes Ecotourism. 

We respect what we do and although we do not profess to be experts

by taking our guests on our Safari - 

where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the primary attractions, 

we are certainly taking a step in the right direction.....

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